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Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (O)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which little historical information is currently available. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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OLD Miniscoot Manufactured in Colombes

Designed by Victor Bouffort of Valmobil fame, powered by 75cc Manurhin engine this tiny scooter first appeared at the 1955 Paris Salon.

Source: Amis Terriens, scoot-toujours.over-blog.com

Built by R. Ollier c.1906, the marque appears to have been all but unknown until 2018 when a unique example appeared at auction. The single cylinder Ollier engine was positioned forward of the pedal crank, and a large fuel tank was mounted between the two uppper frame rails. The machine has an unusual front fork with considerable rake.
Sources: Guélon Collection

A bicycle attachment engine which drove the rear wheel via a shaft and conical rollers which could be quickly detached. There were two prototypes, the first mounted high in the frame behind the steering head, the second mounted low.
Source: Wikipedia NL

Omega 1898
In May 1899, M. Bergeron, from "L'acatene", patented a motorcycle with an engine low in the frame, with pedals.
Bourdache p440

Ómega Motorcycles c1910
Lecomte et Fils
14 quai de Retz and 30 rue Pierre Corneille, Lyon
Sewing machines, cycles and motorcycles of 2hp and 3 ½hp. The firm was still at the Pierre Corneille address in 1928.
Bourdache p440, period advertising.

Produced engines (see C.F.C.), and possibly motocyclettes.
Founded in 1869, they are listed as a bicycle producer with factory and offices at 1, Rue Darboy, Paris in an 1892 publication.
Bourdache (pp 146, 432), encycloduvelo.fr

Motorcycles manufactured using a 333cc single which was very competitive with Cissac at the helm, taking many records. They also built V-twins using engines from Zedel, Moto Reve and others.
Source: Tragatsch p240, et al.

Manufactured by the Bugatti factory in Bordeaux from 1957 to 1959, these were three-wheelers powered by 125cc engines. The designer was Lucien Rolland Pilain.

Source: OTTW


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