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Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (T)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis.
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11 rue Bellanger Levallois

Copper fins graced their single-cylinder and V-twin engines, which were fitted to Papillon tricycles.
Bourdache p80

Based in Paris, the firm built motorcycles using engines supplied by Zürcher, JAP and Blackburne of 175 to 500cc.
Sources:, Tragatsch p282


The Teilhol Citadine was presented at the 1972 Paris Salon and the Citadine Citacom was marketed in 1973. It was a three-wheeler powered by an electric motor wotj a fibreglass body mounted on a tubular steel chassis. It had drum brakes front and rear, weighed 500 kg and a claimed maximum speed of 50 km/h, with a range of between 70 and 100 km.



Frères Terrioux, whose father had built motorcycles in the 1930s, founded the company in 1948 in Paris. Pierre and Paul built a scooter in 1951 with a water-cooled engine (possibly from P.P. Roussey) and raced it in the 175 class at the 1957 Bol d'Or, without result. They did better in 1958. They won.
Source: François-Marie Dumas

The Pretty
Circa 1905
120 rue de Sevres, Paris
Then 45 rue de Bagneux, Montrouge
Motorcycle 1 HP ¼ or 2 HP "without carburettor".
Bourdache p441

Motorcycles built Kremlin-Bicêtre, a firm established by bicycle racer Tibal prior to WWI. The Tibalette appeared in the 1920s.


Tigre 1970-1975


22 avenue d'Italie, Paris

Motorcycle presented at the salon of 1901

The company was dissolved in March 1903

Bourdache p117

Tony Bouley (poss. aka Tony)

Manufactured 1920-1921.

Sidecar manufacturer in Paris, built some cyclecars, various motorcycles and also some engines. ~ "L'Encyclopédie illustrée de l'automobile dans le monde" (David Burgess and Co)

Tortue, La
1900 Savariaux, 34, boulevard de Clichy, Paris.
Fitted with a Brutus engine.
Bourdache pp 110, 442

71 rue Liégat, Yvry
Motocyclette with engine in the frame
Bourdache p402

La Tractocyclette
Manufactured by J. Journaux, 1905-1906
56 rue des Cévennes, Paris
Presented at the at the 1905 Salon, this was a motorized bicycle with a Garreau engine mounted above the front wheel, with belt drive. The fuel tank was mounted low in the frame, requiring the rider to pressurise the tank using an air pump.
The top speed of the Tractocyclette was advertised as 45 km/h.
More information under Fulgur
Bourdache pp 257, 279, 280


Microcar designed in 1951 by Henry Lanoy at 6 Place Jacquart, Saint-Étienne, the three-wheeler was built by the sidecar specialist Simard. The body was clad in aluminium, and the front wheel was driven by a 125cc engine. Only a few were sold.

See also Socvel.

Built by cycle and automobile manufacturer Georges Richard, this appears to have been a motorised 2 or 3-wheeler built before the turn of the century. Related to Rochet, Rochet-Bruneau and Roland.
Bourdache p442


M. Albert built three-wheeled cyclecars from 1932 to 1934 powered by JAP OHV engines mounted under a hood, with power transmitted to both front wheels.

Another version used a similar engine to power the rear wheel by chain via a 3-speed gearbox.

The Trelba (an anagram of Albert) competed in the cyclecar class of the 1934 Bol d'Or.

Source: OTTW

"...the door of a small wooden building in La Chapelle ... a brass plaque mentioned "Bouton & Trépardoux".
... a business association began in 1881 and a small workshop was named "Trépardoux et Cie". De Dion brought funds, Georges-Thadée Bouton his mechanical expertise and Trépardoux, Bouton's brother-in-law, his engineering skills.
Bourdache pp 12, 21, 36-38.

H. Chapput of 19 rue Kéller, Paris
In 1904, the catalogue of H. Chaput offered the 1903 2hp Henri Popp motorcycle re-branded as a Trilby. He also offered separately a Popp 2½ HP engine.
Bourdache p442

Manufactured by Ledonien Cycle in Lons-et-Saunier (Jura) 1950~1960.
The firm built a variety of mopeds under the names Clarus, Clipper, Debello and Triumphus.
Source: OTTW

Trophée de France
Machines built by France Motor Cycles of Mandeure and sold under this brand.
Models include: 1947 Type 555C; 1948 Type 555D 125cc Peugeot engine

58 rue d'Allemagne, Paris, 1902
2 HP motorcycle using petrol or alcohol.
Bourdache p442

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