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Georges Richard Motorcycles


Founded in 1893 as a bicycle manufacturer by Georges and his brother Félix-Maxime, the firm was later renamed to Société de Construction des cycles et Automobiles Georges Richard. In 1901 the brothers took on a partner, Charles-Henri Brasier.

Several addresses are known:

2 rue Galilée, Ivry sur seine (c.1893)
24, Rue du Quatre-Septembre, Paris (Sales)

Builder of bicycles, automobiles and (around 1903/1904) motorcycles using Zedel engines, among others.

Also known as Trèfle-A-Quatre.

Georges Richard went on to found the Unic firm in 1905 which built bespoke automobiles and later manufactured trucks. He died in a motoring accident in 1922.

Further information may be found in the George Cohen archive here: Brasier

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