Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (I)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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M. Hertel was a renowned cycling champion who rode under the name of Baron Impetus. He presented a motorcycle at the 1901 show
Bourdache p437

A Peugeot subsidiary, Indénor took control of Terrot in 1957, and shortly thereafter brought Automoto into the fold. Terrot production was then moved to St Etienne. At the end of 1958 3 to 400 people were employed by the two firms. In June of '59 Magnat-Debon joined the group, but sales continued to slow and motorcycle production was brought to a halt in 1962.
Indénor was integrated with Peugeot in 1967, and the premises were sold to the Japanese company Koyo in 1999.
Source: Motos dans la Loire

  • Inter

  • Iris
    A. and G. Morelle, 12, avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris. Factory in Saint-Gobert (Aisne).
    Built motorcycle(s) with water cooling. Possibly related to Succès.
    The story is a little confused as Haustgen also built Iris motorcycles with their own water-cooled engines at this time.
    Source: Bourdache p436, 437


    Cie Générale d'Électricité
    5 rue Bourdreau, Paris
    Pierre Azaria founded Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (CGE) in 1898. The company absorbed a competitor in 1900 and established a new factory in Ivry-sur-Seine, becoming the first firm in France to manufacture incandescent light bulbs.
    In 1905 they began building engines and tricars of 5 and 6 hp at their Ateliers d'Ivry workshops, and this continued until 1913 or 1914. Light cars and commercial vehicles were also produced.

    A London subsidiary was established in 1906 named Ivry Car & Motor Works, and the machines were presented at the Stanley Show in late 1906.

    Bourdache p437

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