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Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (N)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which little historical information is currently available. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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Built in Nancy in 1955, these used VAP 57 twin-port two-strokes. Around 100 copies are believed to have been built.
Sources: daniel-lesmotos.com

Built in Saint-Etienne 1960-1961 using 110cc Mistral engines.
Source: Motos dans la Loire

Motorcycle engines manufactured by Établissements Chapolard - Goubet et Fils, based in Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain)
The firm supplied engines to its parent company, Radior, and also to other firms including Follis, Hirondelle, Hurtu, Lucer, Verlor, Talbot and Tendil.
See also Radior
Source: OTTW

Built in Néva, Grenoble 1926-1927 using 347cc OHV Anzani engines.
Source: wikipedia.nl, Tragatsch p226

Nil Supra
Baras et Pascault, 35, rue Victor-Massé, Paris.
1906. Motorcycles similar to those of the Alcyon catalogue of that year.
Bourdache p440


There were apparently two marques of the same name in Nantes, unrelated to one another.

One of these is associated with Mr. Georges Vincent, Fabrique de Motoris, Place Canclaux, Nantes, and traded from 1919 to 1959. G. Vincent built Ninon motorcycles from 1931 to 1935 fitted with engines of up to 500cc with OHV.

The other advertised, Imp. Charles COLLAS & Cie, Nantes

Sources: La Moto Francaise, wikipedia.de

Nord Loire
Manufactured by Ets Suquet & Faith frères of 111 rue Nationale, Lille.

  • Cyclomoteur Mistral 1954
    Type M 125, Ydral, 1954
    Type Ms 70, Lavalette 70 engine, 1954
    Type M70, Lavalette 70, 1954

Source: Motos dans la Loire


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