French Motorcycles

Ninon Motorcycles

Built by Mr. Georges Vincent, Fabrique de Motoris, Place Canclaux, Nantes, who traded from 1919 to 1959. Ninon motorcycles were fitted with engines of up to 500cc with OHV.

Advertising literature from 1923 stated Imp. Charles COLLAS & Cie, Nantes, in addition to the Vincent name and address. These machines were fitted with SICAM engines.

The firm continued to produced bicycles, sewing machines, furniture and other goods into the 1960s, owned by Suquet & Faith.

Models include:

Camionnette Mototri

1923 Motocyclette 1½ h.p. or 1¾ h.p

1923 Ecclesiastique Motocyclette 1½ h.p. or 1¾ h.p

1933 BMA 100cc 45x62mm 2-stroke

1933-1937 500cc K2, 90x79mm OHV

1939 500cc Type L, 90x79mm OHV

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