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Brutus Motorcycle Engines


23 rue Germain Pilon, Paris

L. Leclerc built motorcycle engines from 1hp to 8hp

Charles Peacock and Co of London sold Brutus engines and complete motorcycles in 1903.

Sources: Bourdache p110, et al.

December 1901 Paris Salon

§ 6. - Ordinary motorcycles.

To mechanically operate an ordinary bicycle, you can use a Brutus engine , which weighs 8 kg and gives a horse and a quarter or a horse and a half. It is fixed vertically in the frame, near the fork. Its movement is transmitted to the wheel by a belt with tensioner.

§ 6. - Bicyclettes ordinaires à moteur.

Pour actionner mécaniquement une bicyclette ordinaire, on peut avoir recours à un moteur Brutus, qui pèse 8 kg et donne un cheval et quart ou un cheval et demi. Il se fixe verticalement dans le cadre, près de la fourche. Son mouvement est transmis à la roue par une courroie avec tendeur.

Denis Blaizot in Gloubik Science

117. L. Leclercq, of Paris is showing the Brutus motor of various powers for motorcycles, the engine being constructed on accepted lines. A couple of machines fitted up are shown, and, although neither of them exhibit novel features, it may be said that they are well designed. Thus the spray carburetter is well placed for the best effects to be obtained The machines are light, and are claimed to be good hill-climbers.

1902 Stanley Show in Motor Cycling, November 26th, 1902. Page 275

N.B. The names Leclerc and Leclercq are given by different sources. The latter is not uncommon - Leclercq authored a book on The Dreyfus Affaire, and Léon Leclercq was a gunsmith in Leige.

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