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Albatros 1907 H, Billouin

Albatros Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Henri Billouin

104 avenue de Villiers Paris

Records of this firm are sparse. In 1907 their catalogue listed L'Albatros motocyclettes and a tri-car front end for adapting to other motorcycles; they were supplied with 203cc engines by A.Z.

In 1912 the company built motorcycles typical of the period powered by Givaudan engines, and also produced bicycles and a light car. These were exported to Russia shortly before the revolution.

In the same year production ceased, and in 1925 Billouin sold the company to Peugeot.

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There was an earlier L'Albatros built in Lyon 1904-1905 - see Disambiguation

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