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Valmobile Scooters

  • A Motorised Suitcase.

    If you're constantly on the move, different motel every night, then this is for you.

Built in France by Victor-Albert Bouffort in 1952, the Valmobile was initially marketed with a sporty 125cc Briban Sabb engine, and was said to have seated two comfortably. It included a trailer hitch. It is likely that a prototype was built with a 60cc Alter engine, and this was replaced with a Villiers 98cc unit.

Production versions were built by Martin Moulet fitted with a 50cc Martinet engine, and weighed 75lbs. It was even available with a sidecar!

The tiny machine was marketed in America and Europe, and was built in Japan under licence by Hirano. It was advertised in America as an accessory for motorhomes.

It is mentioned that AVOL built a prototype.

Bouffort JB Three-Wheeler

Designed by Victor-Albert Bouffort and built by Jamin Meaux, these stylish aerodynamic three-wheelers were produced between 1945 and 1950. At least four of the Bouffort JB (Jamin-Bouffort) machines were created, of which three have survived.

Based on the Citroen Traction Avant, it seated two.

Bouffourt was an aircraft designer whose name appears on the Elytroplan Bouffort Lantrès, a helicopter-like machine of the late 1930s.

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