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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1948-1949, Orleans, France

Maurice Avol (b. 1895), built three prototypes of these interesting scooters, the first a two-seater with rear swinging arm, spoked alloy wheels, a very long wheelbase and the fuel tank fitted below the passenger seat which was hinged for access. A proposal was made to Peugeot and rejected, and that firm did not enter the scooter market for another 2 or 3 years.

The second machine, named Mavol (M.Avol), was constructed largely of aluminium, which was moderately plentiful after the war. It was similar to the first machine but the fuel tank had been relocated and was mounted on the rear guard with a rack above it, designed as a solo machine. Built by W. Baudin of Orléans it was powered by an Ydral engine of unusual displacement, 130cc (or possibly 128cc), and a wide-ratio gearbox. This machine is now in a private collection.

The last prototype was not completed. It was unfortunately consumed in a fire which destroyed the Baudin workshop, and the project was abandoned.

Sources: Club Ydral, (images of v1 & 2)

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