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C.F.C. Motor Bicycles

C.F.C. - Compagnie Française des Cycles
Factory at 6 rue Francoeur, Paris in 1901 (Ets Pathé cinema in 1986)
Motocyclette with Onfray engine. Possibly associated with L'Universel
Bourdache p432

The C.F.C. AVANT-TRAIN is an attachment to convert the motor-bicycle into a two-seater. It is a well-constructed two-seater basket-work carriage, and is priced at £44 with a 1¾ horse-power motor, and £54 with a two-cylindered 2½ horse-power motor. This was about one of the cheapest lines in "Avant trains" in the Show.

THE C.F.C. motor-bicycle is a well-designed machine, made by the Company Francaise, 7, Rue Darboy, Paris. The motor is 1¾ h.p., and is fitted vertically between the main tubes. The petrol supply tank is fixed on the back forks. Ignition is by coil and accumulator, and drive by means of a round hide belt, with jockey pulley adjustment. The carburetter is a very simple type of spray. One brake is fitted, namely, a strong rim brake for the rear wheel. The price comes out at the low figure of £30. A two-cylinder type machine, of 2½ horse-power, is priced at £42.

Motor Cycling magazine, Paris Salon, Dec 24th 1902

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