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Henriod C.E. of Paris

7/9 rue de Sablonville, Neuilly sur seine

Charles-Edouard Henriod manufactured tricycles, quadricycles and engines from 1898 to about 1906. The company closed in 1908.

Bourdache p436;

C. E. Henriod and Co., of 15, Rue du Marche, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, show a well-designed 6 h.p. voiturette. The car is erected on a tubular frame, and it fully deserves its title of "The Simplon," for neatness and simplicity have been fully attained. The machine is gear driven, having three speeds and reverse. The carburetter of this firm is a speciality, as it can be used with either petrol or alcohol. The car sells at about £150. Wheel steering on an inclined pillar is provided, and the wheels are of the artillery pattern. Altogether a very fine car, and cheap at the price.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902. Page 340