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Hunter Motorcycles


Founded in 1903 and situated at 122 Rue d'Annonay, St Etienne, the firm was acquired by Langénieux in 1906. In 1918 they had moved to 37 avenue Rochetaillé in Saint Etienne.

From 1922 they built motorcycles with 100cc Stainless, Villiers, 125cc Massardier and 500cc JAP engines. The brand was sold to Vérot de Boen in 1932, and there is no further record of manufacture.

The Hunter marque reappeared in 1951 in Neufchateau in the Vosges, manufactured by a Verne F.

Paris Salon, 1922

Hunter - 55x48 mm., two-stroke, embodying a reduction gear in a case integral with crank case.

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N.B. There is a Hunter motorcycle brand from Australia.

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