French Motorcycles

Eriol Motorcycles


Manufactured by the brothers Jean and Claudius Martin in Charlieu, Loire, of which Eriol is an anagram.

Production began in 1927 with the 175 Type A. From 1932 until 1939 they built motorcycles using Chaise, Stainless and JAP engines of up to 350cc, with 100cc BMA machines strongly represented throughout the period. The factory moved to Roanne in 1933 with premises at 43 rue Jean Jaurès and rue Poisson.

The firm also built bicycles, sewing machines, children's cars and kitchen appliances. They marketed bicycles under several names, one of them "Racer". It is unrelated to Racer brand of Mazoyer-Besset.

Postwar they are believed to have built mopeds. The company was dissolved in 1962.

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