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Le Poulain

Le Poulain Bicycle Engines

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Ets Le Poulain
78 rue Danton
Levallois (Seine)
See also F.M.L.

Production of these tiny French 'moteurs auxiliaires' began in 1949 with the Model A. This was mounted above the bicycle front wheel in the same manner as Velosolex and others.

These engines were followed in 1950 by the Monobloc Standard and Monobloc Luxe, the latter giving excellent performance for a motorised bicycle of almost 35 km/h. In 1950 centrally mounted BMA-style 'Constructeur' engines were added to the range. These had the pedal crank integral with the engine and were in many ways superior.

Le Poulain Engine Models include:

Type A 49cc 1949
Type B 49cc 1950-52
Type C50 49cc 1950
Type C53 49cc 1952-54
Type C85 85cc 3-speed 1952-54
Type Luxe 49cc 1950
Type Constructeur 49cc
Type Constructeur 85cc
Junior 49cc 1956
Mystere 49cc 2-speed 1955-1956
Comet 98cc 2-speed 1954-1956

Manufacturers using Le Poulain engines include:

Benoît Faure
Singer (St Etienne)

Sources: Cycle Memory, JLB Creations

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