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6 rue Camille Desmoulins, Levallois

J.Quentin built tricars, engines and motorcycles

Driven in competition by Contant, and related to the Racing marque.

The J.Quentin engines were fitted to La Francais, the Racing motocyclette of 1906, the 1905 David tricar, and the Bedelia voiteur (cyclecar).

The Quentin tricar, which is illustrated below, is one of the best examples of a water-cooled tricar in the show. It has a pressed steel frame, thermo-syphon water-cooled engine, with magneto ignition. The transmission is by chain from a Bozier gear box on the engine-shaft to a large chain sprocket on the rear wheel. The sprocket is equal in diameter to a driving belt rim, and is attached to the road wheel by means of steel brackets or plates, which are riveted to the sprocket and the tyre rim. The front axle is sprung, and the coach-built seat is directly attached to it without the intervention of springs.

Paris Salon, 1908

The Motor Cycle, December 9th 1908
Bourdache pp 209, 220, 249, 258, 312.

waz993 at
J. Quentin
Hello, I have an engine by J. Quentin & Cie. It is engine number F1108311. Can you tell me what sort of machine it was used for? I have attached pictures.
Warren Edwards
Adelaide, Australia

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