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Dalifol Motorcycles

172, quai de Jemmapes, Paris

In 1876, Dalifol built a very innovative, steam-powered tram in collaboration with Amédée Bollée père (1844-1917). The company owner died in 1888 and his 21-year-old son took over the management and experimented with automobiles and motorcycles. In 1894 the company built a steam motorcycle with the word Volta prominent on the the engine.

There is a suggestion that the machine was based on a license from Heinrich and Wolfgang Hildebrand, one of which was sold to Paris in 1893, but as the word "Volta" appears on a contemporary illustration of the machine, it seems much more likely that the powerplant originated in Italy, or was built under licence to the Italian concern.

Bourdache has an informative article on this motorcycle.

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