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Darmont 1927 Cyclecar

Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Darmont cyclecars
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Manufactured 1920 - 1939

In 1919 Darmont reached an agreement with the Morgan Motor Company to manufacture Morgans in France which would be sold as the "Darmont-Morgan".

By the end of 1920 they were producing 14 cars per week powered by JAP and Blackburne engines. Later Darmont produced bodies of their own design, along with their own engines.

Three-wheeler production ended in 1936, and that of their four-wheelers ceased in 1939 when the Germans invaded and seized the factory assets, leaving little for Roger Darmont to recover in 1945.

Pictured: Darmont 1927 750cc - 7 Cv - Supersport 3 wheels, 2 gears, no reverse gear. 1st place 1934 Bol d'Or.