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Montgomery Sidecars 1903-1904

The Montgomery.

Motor cyclists who are contemplating the attachment of an additional seat to their present motor bicycles cannot do better than visit Stand No. 1, where the Montgomery sidecarriage is shown in its latest form. In the early part of the autumn we gave a fully-illustrated and detailed description of this. An important feature in the construction of the Montgomery sidecarriage is the method of its attachment to the bicycle. A bracket is clipped to the back stay of the bicycle and remains as a fixture. The duplex axle of the sidecar carries at its inner extremity two links which connect up to two studs of ample dimensions, which in their turn are fixed to the bracket before mentioned attached to the back fork. The front attachment is formed by a clip embracing the down tube. This carries a similar link arrangement which connects to the transverse tube, forming the front of the frame of the forecarriage. The result of this method of fixing is that a great saving is effected in the wearing of the sidecar tyre, owing to its being able to ride easily over any inequalities of the road, thus contributing to the comfort of the passenger. The sidecarriage, which is extremely light in construction, is shown in many attractive forms and attached to a variety of makes of bicycles. (Stand 1)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. p852
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