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Montgomery Motorcycles

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W. Montgomery and Co of Bury St Edmunds was a well-known sidecar manufacturer who began producing motorcycles in 1905. William Montgomery moved the works to Coventry in 1911, and after WWI his son Jack managed the show, extending the range considerably. The firm survived the destruction of their works by fire in 1925 and the Great Depression a few years later. Production ceased shortly after the beginning of Hitler's war.

Montgomery models include:

  • 1923-24 Bradshaw (oil-cooled)
    1924 147cc Villiers two stroke
    1924 600cc SV JAP
    1925 175cc Aza JAP Twostroke
    1925 175cc Lady's Model
    1925 600cc SV JAP
    1925 600cc Combination
    1925 996cc British Anzani 4 valve V-twin
    1925 350cc OHV JAP
    1925 350cc OHV JAP twin-port TT Model
    1925 350cc Bradshaw oil-cooled
    1928 490cc OHV JAP
    1930 750cc SV JAP V-twin
    1931 Greyhound 680cc ohv JAP
    1937 Terrier De Luxe 122cc Villiers
    1939 Greyhound 499cc JAP

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ghcarr at live dot com

Hi I am looking for information on what this bike will have looked like, belonged to my late father and was stolen in 1939 New Zealand, was at that time the only one of its kind in New Zealand.
It was sadly never recovered becoming a family mystery.
However I have no photograph as to what this model may have looked like, some clues are theYear (1937), HP rating, 4 speed foot gear change, chromium petrol tank and JAP engine number.
Do you have any likely suspects photo wise that this may have looked like.
My intention is to place an information wanted ad for its return ( tongue in cheek some 84 years later) in the national Vintage Car Club magazine here in NZ which will likely produce some amusement value in the magazine for our members.
Yours sincerely
Graeme Carr

Most likely its a Montgomery Greyhound 350 (assuming there was a 350) - it will have looked much like this: Montgomery Greyhound 1935.
Image posted to Comments.

Sat Jul 02 2016
swords at
Montgomery Rebuild
Montgomery 1938 350
first pic of dry build

Fri Aug 16 2013
Another bike manufacturer for the list
- -
Dear Sheldon,
searching on the web to find some detailed information on a pic showing my grandfather on a strange motorbike, I got the answer now. It's a 1929 Montgomery with a 490ccm JAP engine. Hope that this is worth an addition to the list ...
Best regards,
Stuttgart / Germany

Thu Jun 24 2010
Motorcycle to identify
JAP SV engine Montgomery frame ?
Please I would like to ask if somebody is able to identify motorcycle on photos. Thanks for answer.

Sun Feb 17 2008
imayrp at gmail dot com
i cant find nothing
montgomery 250cc
i own a 1939 montgomery 250cc ohv jap motor. the bike has been in my family for 69 years and there is a lot of legend on it from other family members. but i cant find any info on it what so ever on the net. is there anybody who can help me please

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