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A Brief History of the Marque

Albert Philipp GmbH, Spezialfabrik für Motorrad-Seitenwagen, Dresden-Stetzsch

APS sidecars were built by Albert Phillip Seitenwagen, a company founded 1922 in Strelchz on the outskirts of Dresden.

The sidecar came equipped with a windshield, a cover for when the machine was not in use or the side car was unoccupied, leather interior, and side lamps. The sidecar could be ordered in any colour, allowing colour-coordination with the motorcycle, and mounting of the sidecar could be ordered either from the left or from the right hand side of the machine according to the client's requirements.

Fabrication appears to have continued until at least 1933.

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Good day,

I recently bought a sidecar from APS-Fahrzeugbau in Dresden-Stetzsch, but can hardly find any information about the sidecar. After a few researches, it is type 1, one of the first to be produced by the company. I only found one advertisement on the internet. I need more information, photos, etc. about the sidecar So it would be great if you could help me.

photos attached.

Guten Tag,

habe vor kurzem einen seitenwagen der Firma APS-Fahrzeugbau aus Dresden-Stetzsch erworben, kann aber kaum informationen finden über den Seitenwagen. Nach paar recherchen ist es der type 1, also einer der ersten die von der Firma produziert wurde. Im internet habe ich nur eine werbeanzeige gefunden. ich brauche mehr infos,fotos etc. über den Seitenwagen

Also es wäre super wenn Sie mir helfen.

fotos im anhang.

Kind regards

Roman Thomalla

Will add further information on the marque as becomes available. Image posted to Comments

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