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EZS Sidecars

Manufactured by DCA Motorcycles
Binnendijk 6, 5705CH Helmond

Website: ezs-sidecar.com
Also at dcamotorcycles.nl

In addition to a range of tradional sidecars, EZS built the Flexit. The Flexit was a remarkable sidecar developed by South African engineer & designer Hannes Myburgh. Around 160 of these were built in several countries over a period of 15 years. Reportedly some were sold in England under the Watsonian banner.

Myburg tested one with Triumph, who recorded it as achieving 161 mph. A Triumph engineer told him that had he used 5th gear instead of 6th, which is an overdrive, it would have gone faster!

Source: Flexit at bmwmotorcycletech.info