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Peuple Motorcycles and Sidecars

Manufactured 1921 to 1929

Built by Albert Boullier in Puteaux, the name P.E.U.P.L.E. is derived from the description "Petits Engins Utilitaires, Practique, Légers and Economique."

The company built lightweight motorcycles from 1921 to 1924 but are better known for their sidecars, which were produced until at least 1929. The 1924 catalogue stretched to 160 pages with many colour images, the final ten pages of which are devoted to describing the joys of the sidecaristi in an attempt to convert the sadly solo.

Burnier & Verrey of 26 & 28, Rue Jacques-Dulud, Neuilly sur Seine appear to have been agents in 1921, as do Ets Jean Burnier of the same address.

Source: Zhumoriste, who has a field day with this one.

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