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Manufactured by Breitfeld & Danek, Prague 1927-1929
Designed by the famed JF Koch the BD unit-construction DOHC 498cc single quickly became a very popular mount.
BD also built sidecars and sidecar combinations. In 1928 they supplied the police force with 30 such outfits, and 40 solos went to the military.
The firm was purchased by Praga and the BD became the Praga BD - and a legend was born.
Source: South-Bohemian MC Museum

greywolfbiker at
Breitfeld Danek
I've got a BD500 registered in this country after import which I need an insurance value for so that I can put it on the road. Any idea on value as they rarely ever come on the market?

  • Classic Motorcycle Austria sold a Praga BD some time ago, a restored combination. Your BD appears original and is considerably rarer so if CMAT will disclose the sale price of theirs it will be a guide. Drop them a line perhaps. Ed.

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