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Ma Belle 1916 (Vic.)

Magnet 1902 (Vic.)


Maldon Cycle Works of Maldon, Victoria, built a motorcycle using the Minerva engine and BSA chassic components around 1906. They may have built more than one.

Source: Simon Fleming


Manufactured by Mallee Cycle Works, Scott Street, Warracknabeal, Victoria, 1905.

Harry H. Mercer built the machine in his workshop using a Minerva engine, and BSA frame components probably sourced from Healing. Only one was built. Later Mercer became an agent for agent for AG Healing & Co.

The Mallee appeared at the 1910 Warrnambool show. It appeared again at the 2021 show, having been restored.

Sources: Saward, Wheatland's Museum Warracknabeal, et al


L. Malpas of Bartley Crescent Wayville, Adelaide, built a Peugeot-engined motorcycle in 1913 or earlier. There may have been more than one.

Registration record: September 1, 1913 3570 – Malpas, L., Bartley Crescent, Wayville, 8 Malpas

Wyatt Motoria of Grenfell Street advertised a secondhand Malpas for £25 in 1919.

Sources: Trove NLA, Simon Fleming

Malvern Star

Maple by Maplestone, 1907-1915


Manufactured in Tasmania

Information indicates that the machine pictured in the centre is a c.1903 Marsey which was produced in Tasmania. The machine on the far left is a Victor, probably from Hobart. Riders are P Harrison, T Abbott, G Jackson, S Spurling, and A Bosworth.*

Source: T.G. Parker, who supplied the image via Tasmanian Libraries (

N.B. Image has been cropped to show only the Marsey. Original available on request.


Bourke St, 1902-1903, poss other years. Built using BSA components and Minerva engines.

MARTIN'S.- Motor Cycles, fitted with Minerva engines. 2 h.p., B.S.A. parts, Dunlop tyres, Brooks's saddle, speed 35 miles, price £55; also Accnmulators, Sparking Plugs, Driving Belts.

The Age (Melbourne) Fri 26 Dec 1902, Sat 7 Feb 1903

Source: Trove NLA

Other marques with this name: Disambiguation


Manufactured in Devonport by Don Cycle and Motor Works.

Source: Trove NLA

N.B. There was a "Massey Cycle & Motor Depot" in Benalla, Victoria, in 1913, and a Massey brand existed in Britain, but not until the 1920s - see Disambiguation

The Don Cycle and Motor Works, under the able management of Mr H. Westley, still continues to keep its place as premier cycle shop on Devonport. Here one found the "Massey" motor bike fitted with "Precision" engines in 2½, 3½, and 4 1/4 h.p. grades, priced respectively £55, ; £67 :10s, and £72 10s. This is looked upon as one of the greatest machines of the day and is a famous hill-climbcr, and :s also entirely free from all complications

In ordinary cycles the "Red Bird," "Tourist," "Dominion", and "Dandy" are stocked; all splendid..."

The North West Post (Formby, Tas.) Tue 23 Dec 1913


William McLean was head of an international hardware and machinery import/export firm with offices in London and New York. Head office was in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. It is reported that their Adelaide branch built motorcycles in 1903, but no records have been found to substantiate this.

McLEAN BROS & RIGG: 1904 Victoria, Australia is listed by Ozebook.

Source: Trove NLA

See also McLean Biography

Melba 1902~1909

Merlin (NSW)

Moller 1904 (S.A.)

Monarch (Footscray)

Manufactured by A. G. Sulman, Monarch Cycle Works, 19 Paisley St,, Footscray. 1917

Source: Trove NLA

Cycle and Motor Sundries and Repairs.
MOTOR CYCLES and SIDE CARS, Built to Order.
"Monarch" B.S,A. Special Bicycle, £12 10 0.
19 Paisley St,, Footscray.

Advertiser (Footscray, Vic.) Sat 9 Jun 1917

Mortox Special

Registered South Australia May 1920

16788, W. Venning, Torrensville, 3½ (h.p.) Mortox Special

Appears to be a one-off, as this is the only mention.

Source: Trove NLA


Listed by Saward as a motorcycle manufacturer, in 1906 several advertisments ran along these lines: "Mumford's Motor Works, 230 Brunswick-st, Fitzroy. Repairs to Cars, Motor Launches and Motor Cycles."
Firefly and Mumford combined to offer a prize for a bicycle race, so it seems there was a relationship. Also, "Lucy Charlotte Mumford (born DODD), 1869 - 1926 - related to William Hill Dodd (her brother?) who was born on August 25 1888, in Firefly Creek Krambach NSW Australia." ~ Trove. However, the Mumfords in this reference hail from the mid-north coast of NSW - a very long way from Fitzroy.

Bert Munro

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