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Australian Motorcycles (E)


Edwards Bros & Co. of Fitzroy, Melbourne were well-known in the trade as component suppliers, particularly fuel tanks. The built fuel tanks for the Invincible-JAP by Turner Bros 1922-1928, and also supplied tanks to Healings for their Peerless range. They are listed by Saward as having built an "E.B." motorcycle in 1915, using engine and frame from Healings.

Sources: Simon Fleming, Trove NLA.


Manufactured by Eden Cycle & Motor Works, Fitzroy, Victoria. 1904~1905

A photograph of the shopfront shows the wording "Motors & Cycles Faithfully Built to Order".

The brothers E & E Tapscott (Ernest Eden and Edward Cyril Tapscott) established the firm in 1903. By 1907, Ernest was working in Tasmania, and in 1910 Edward was living in Sydney.
Sources: Simon Fleming,

Edith 1955


In an article titled Monster Motor Meet: "Mr. A. Ekins, 2½-h.p. Ekins's cycle." The Register (Adelaide, SA) Mon 18 Dec 1905

A.L.G. Ekins is mentioned frequently in newspaper articles about gun sport.

Sources: Simon Fleming; Trove NLA

Elliott (Payneham, SA)

Elliott of Paddington

Elliott Cycle & Motor Cycle Works, 62 Oxford Street, Paddington advertised Overseas motorcycles in 1914.

The Paddington Elliott is listed as being "equipped with JAP engines of 5.0 h.p. and Villiers of 2.75 h.p." between 1911 and 1914. These specifications are similar to those of the Over-Seas, so it is possible that there was some badge engineering.

OVERSEAS Motor Cycles, 3½, 3 speeds, handle starting, footboards. 2½ tyres, decompressor, etc., £70;

Sidecars from £10, Wickcr and Coachbuilt.

ELLIOTT'S CYCLE WORKS, 62 Oxford-street, Paddington.

The Sydney Morning Herald Sat 5 Sep 1914

CYCLE and Motor Cycle Repairing Business, good living, £150. 62 Oxford-st Paddington.

The Sydney Morning Herald Sat 29 Nov 1919

Elliott, J.D., 62 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1910-1921
Elliott, J.D., 87 Upper Oxford Street, Waverley, 1922-1927 (formerly Ernest E Carter's shop)
Elliott, J.D., 401 Burwood Road, Belmore, 1925-1932

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Other marques with similar names.

Empire (S.A.)
Manufactured by Empire Cycle & Motor Co, 232 Rundle Street East, Adelaide, and later also at Hindmarsh Square. They are believed to have built motorcycles using Minerva engines in the early days, and later Brown engines.

Advertisements from 1911 and 1912 mention Empire bicycles but not motorcycles, other than LMC for which they were agents.

Registration notice
7651—J. Pink, Clare, 3½ Empire.

The Journal (Adelaide) Fri 28 Jan 1916

The Empire Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd., of Adelaide, HAVING Purchased the Business Book Debts, and Goodwill of Frank Pfundt, Cycle Dealer and Builder, wish to intimate that they are carrying on the TWO SHOPS, and have a very large stock of Cycles and Sundries...

Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA) Sat 13 Apr 1912 [1]

NB: 1 This may be relative to another brand, Pfundt & Higgs.

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Empire Precision (Vic)


Built by Taggart Bros. of North Carlton, Victoria in 1914 or thereabouts, the Ensign motorcycle was powered by a Precision engine.

Source: Simon Fleming

Esk 1904~1905 (Tas.)


Euroa (Vic.)

Ever Onward
Created in 1968 using a Barr & Stroud engine (probably a 500cc W.A.7) fitted to a Norton frame with components from Coventry Eagle, Enfield, Levis, BSA and others.
Source: et al


Rarer Australian Marques