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Built in 1915 by AC Morley of Minalton, South Australia, this was a 3½ h.p. motorcycle.

In January 1911 the sale of the land and premises housing "MR. A. C. MORLEY, who is retiring from business..." appeared in the local newspaper. The sale included tools of trade, 3 bicycles, a car and a motorcycle.

Streaky Bay Agricultural Show.

Quite a number of exhibits not for competition were shown to advantage. The exhibit of the Eyre's Peninsula Trading Co. displayed by Mr A. C. Morley consisting of Morris Cowley, and Morris London cars, a Victoria player piano, a Vulcan 30cwt. truck, Levis motorcycles, and a Bullock cycle were worthy of special mention.

West Coast Sentinel (Streaky Bay, SA) Sat 10 Oct 1925

Morley's Motor Cycle Sales mentioned, Port Lincoln Times 1951.

There was also a J.E. Morley motorcycle dealer in Grenfell St. Adelaide who sold Hobart motorcycles.
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Manufactured by YZR Engineering Pty Ltd of Beresford Road, Lilydale, Victoria.

The company was established in 1994 by John Redding who began producing Yamaha-based four-stroke machines in 1998.

The YZR company ceased trading in 2013, and John Redding went on to head the Yamaha Superbike Racing Team in Australia. He also heads YRD which produces components for Yamaha competition machines including YZ125/250, the WR series, and the FX.

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