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Australian Motorcycles (N)

Nella 1910-1915


"Of the riders getting over 35 minutes' start, Featherstone, just arrived from England, is competing on a N.S.W. motor of 3 h. p."
The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 30 Sep 1905

Two of these appeared in the South Australia registry in 1920, likely transfers or re-registrations.

16463.- R. C. G. Anderson, Mile-End. 3 (h.p.) N.S.W.
Registered SA March 1920

16489.- F. K. G. Boase, Mile-End, 3½ (h.p.) N.S.W.
Registered SA April 1920
Source: Trove NLA.

NZeta 1961-1963 (NZ)

Rarer Australian Marques