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Matheson & Ripper, 295 Lonsdale St, Melbourne.

Numerous models were built for Regnis from 1912 to 1920, most of them by A. G. Healing. These included the Peerless fitted with JAP, MAG, King Dick, Precision and De Luxe engines, all of which were sold under the Regnis brand.

Originally named Lamande & McColl, the firm which marketed the Regnis changed its name several times before becoming Matheson & Ripper.

Sources: Simon Fleming, Trove NLA, et al

N.B. The word "regnis" is derived from a Latin word meaning "king". Terms referring to royalty abound in the motorcycle world - see Disambiguation


Built by E. Fuller (or A.E. Fuller) of Albury in 1905, and referred to as both Relay and Relay-Minerva, it was powered by a Minerva engine.

Source: Trove NLA

Mr E. Fuller, of Albury, established a fine motor cycle performance last week by riding from Melbourne to Albury, a distance of 201 miles, in the record time of 9 hrs. 3 min. Only those motorists or cyclists who have ever been over the wretched roads and tracks extending from Sydney almost right up to Albury, have any conception of what fast motoring is like over this country.

Mr Fuller's mount was a Dunlop shod, spring frame, Relay 2¾ h.p. motor cycle, and the fact that the machine went through this rough country at an average speed of 22 miles an hour is conclusive proof that a reliable and durable motor cycle can be properly assembled in these States.

Weekly Times (Melbourne) Sat 14 Jan 1905

Entrants in the Dunlop Reliability Motor Contest from Sydney to Melbourne
A. E. Fuller. N.S.W. (2¾ h.p. Relay)...

Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic.) Thu 16 Feb 1905


A 3½ h.p. racing machine built by N. Saunders in 1905.

Saunders, the winner, thoroughly deserved his luck. He rode a Rival motor, manufactured by himself, and by his victory last Saturday, has the unique record of annexing four first prizes and one second out of five attempts...

The following is the result, with the start and riding time of the successful competitors:
N. Saunders, 3½ Rival, start 3m, riding time 50m 30s... 1
J. Jarman, 2¾ Jarman, start 11m, time 1h 15m 10s... 2
J. Doherty, 4½ Buchet, scratch, time lh 17m... 3
A. J .Powell, 4 h.p. Surrey, 8m start, time lh 18m 22s... 4

The Sydney Morning Herald Mon 27 Nov 1905
Motorcycle Racing NSW (1905)

Source: Trove NLA

Rolfe 1914-1915 (Vic.)

Rollert (Vic.)

The Rose (Shepparton, Vic.)

Built in Renmark, South Australia. Advertised in 1913 only.

Or your ROSENTHAL Motor Cycle.
ROSENTHAL, the Cycle & Motor Manufacturer."
Renmark Pioneer, Fri 30 May 1913
Source: Trove NLA