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The Rose Motorcycles

Manufactured by Mr. N. Eunson, Rose Cycle and Motor Works

Wyndham Street, Shepparton (Opp. M. T. M'Alpine's Store.)

The firm was taken over by H. Canet of Blue Bell cycles in 1916 and became Rose and Blue Bell Motor and Cycle Works.

N.B. Saward lists two "Rose" marques - the other was in Adelaide.


The excellent service rendered by Norman Eunson since opening four years ago shows the important place his business fills. The premises in Wyndham street, opposite the Victoria Hotel, have an up-to-date equipment, doing enamelling and lathe work, as well as general repairs. He is an expert in his line, and his prices are cheap for good quality work. For locally built bicycles he gives as low prices and as liberal term payments as any one. A speciality is made of Rose motor cycles, built with Peerless or Precision engines, of any desired power.

Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic) Sat 23 Nov 1912

Mr Norman Eunson, of the Rose Cycle and Motor Works, Wyndham-street, had a very painful experience on Saturday, about 7.30 a m.. when returning from Melbourne on his motor cycle. Negotiating a depression near Seymour over which he had gone through several times previously-the front wheel lifted, and the machine then swerved and fell with him. The fu!l weight of the fall was sustained by his left arm and shoulder, which were badly bruised; and to make matters worse, one foot got caught in the revolving wheel. It was with difficulty that it could be extricated; besides which, Mr Eunson's legs were also injured. The limbs were much swollen by the time he reached Shepparton; he then consulted Dr Grutzner, who fortunately found that no bones were broken. Mr Eunson is now making splendid progress towards recovery, and was at his business to-day as usual, though still suffering pain.

Shepparton Advertiser Mon 14 Sep 1914

Source: Trove NLA

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