Arno Motorcycles

Built by Arno Motor Co at Dale Street, Coventry, and later at Court 33, 85-87 Gosford Street Coventry, and then at Lamb Stree, Coventry, between 1906 to 1915.

  • 1906 Arno began production of motor vehicles.

    1908 Long, low single cylinder models were exhibited at the Stanley show. These had their own 3hp or 3½ h.p. engines, a rear-mounted chain-driven Bosch magneto and a carburettor by either Amac or B and B. Around this time they supplied machines to Gamages who sold them under their own name.

    1912 Listed in Spennell's at Gosford St (Tel. 339), Coventry.

    1912 Those two models were joined by a 2¼ hp lightweight and a 3½ hp TT version - a basic direct-belt driven machine.

    1914 The marque took the name Red Arno after the TT model was given a red finish. Both 3½ hp and and 4½ hp were available for a couple of years.

    1915 There were no further listings after that year. The Gosford Street factory was then leased to William Montgomery, briefly.

  • 1911 Arno 3½ hp TT Model

Arno manufactured an automobile in Coventry only in 1908; the car, which featured a 25 hp White and Poppe engine and shaft drive, was introduced at that year's Stanley Show.

A lengthy and fairly convincing article makes a case for Arnold Starmer (or Sthamer) being the person behind the Arno brand, whilst a snippet in The Motor Cycle reads, "Mr. Hammon, who is responsible for the design and production of this machine, was also the maker of the Clarendon motor bicycles, a number of which are still running and giving every satisfaction to their owners."(1)

Notes: 1. The name should most likely be be "Hannon".

Sources: Graces Guide,, The Motor Cycle, November 25th 1908

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