Clarendon Motorcar and Bicycle Co

Based in Earlsfield, Coventry.

  • 1903 Launched 7-hp car

Hannon and Smith

Hannon and Smith of Dale Street, Coventry

  • Clarendon was a motorcycle built by them from 1901 to 1904. At the same time they also built cars.

    This reliable motorcycle was built with the company's own engine rated at 3hp, in a loop frame, and reportedly also bought motors from Perks & Birch, Hamilton and Coronet. With near equal bore and stroke, it had an extra main bearing, outboard of the drive pulley.

    In 1904 there was a mechanical inlet valve, but the marque soon disappeared.

Mr. Hannon (sometimes spelled "Hammon") went on to produce the Arno motorcycle.

Source: Graces Guide

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