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Clarendon Motorcar and Bicycle Co

Based in Earlsfield, Coventry.

Hannon and Smith of Dale Street, Coventry manufactured Clarendon motorcycles from 1901 to 1904. At the same time they also built automobiles.

This reliable motorcycle was constructed using the company's own engine rated at 3hp, in a loop frame. With near equal bore and stroke, it had an extra main bearing, outboard of the drive pulley. They reportedly also bought motors from Perks & Birch, Hamilton and Coronet.

In 1904 there was a mechanical inlet valve, but the marque soon disappeared.

Mr. Hannon (sometimes spelled "Hammon") went on to produce the Arno motorcycle.

The Clarendon Motor Car and Bicycle Co., Ltd.,

are exhibiting twelve of their 3 h.p. Clarendon motor bicycles at Stand 69, they having decided to make this machine a standard pattern for 1904. All machines made by this firm will be fitted with their patent adjustable outside pulley bearing, which has been improved for next season. The advantage of this device is obvious. A specially-designed 3 h.p. engine is fitted, the bore and stroke being 77 mm and 81 mm. respectively. A mechanical inlet valve is one of the several small improvements for next season, also an effective silencer. No alteration in frame design has been made, as the firm find that their registered design has met with the entire approval of their numerous agents and customers.

The Motor Cycle November 18th, 1903. Page 803.
Crystal Palace Show 1903

The Clarendon Motor Car Co. and Bicycle Co., Ltd.

The principal feature for mention in connection with the Clarendon motors exhibited on Stand 69 is the outside crankshaft bearing which supports the belt pulley. Two bosses on the crank chamber support a steel plate provided with a ball bearing, within which the end of the crankshaft rotates. By the provision of this bearing all possibility of twisting the crankshaft by extra strains from a tight belt are obviated, as also is excessive wear, on the left crankshaft bearing. The standard machine is fitted with a 3 h.p. vertical engine, provided with Longuemare carburetter and all the latest fitments. (Stand 69.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. Page 845
Crystal Palace Show 1903

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