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Robert Lathey of East Devonport, Tasmania (1913-16)

Built motorcycles using Precision and Villiers engines.



Robert Lathey, a cycle machinist, was coming down Moriarty Hill, when his motor-cycle skidded, throwing him violently and breaking his leg. He lay there for some time before another cycle agent came along. He was then placed in a baker's cart, and brought to his home at East Devonport, where Dr. Addison set the limb.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Wed 12 Jul 1911

Sources: Trove NLA, Simon Fleming.

Manufactured by Leitch & Co., Gray St, Hamilton, Victoria.
June 1904, Leitch Motors Built to Order. Ernest Leitch & Co. 385 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
March 1912, advertised Leitch motorcycles, £65.
1913 advertised Rudge, Thor, E.W.B. (Melbourne-built), JAP, King Dick, FN, Douglas - but no mention of a Leitch motorcycle.
1914 & 1916 they advertised Indian. 1917 they advertised Leitch Cycles and Indian motorcycles.
A 1912 Grandex rebadged as Leitch was offered for sale in Belgium by in 2021.

See our LATEST LEITCH MOTORCYCLE. Catalogues Post Free.
REPAIRS Executed Promptly and at Right Prices. TENNIS RAQUETS restrung Neatly.
Only the Best Material and Repairs - Our Workshop is the best, and repairs entrusted to us will be executed promptly in a first class style. We repair in a style second to none. Only best material used.
E. LEITCH & CO. Prop. Ltd, Gray St , Hamillton,
N. M'DONALD, Manager. D. D. RILEY, Travelling Representative.
Telephone No. 144.

Trove NLA: Hamilton Spectator Tue 21 Sep 1909

N.B. 1. Hamilton had Leitch Pictures (cinema) in those days, possibly related. 2. In 1918 and 1924 there was a Sandford, Leitch Motors in Exhibition St, Melbourne, a car dealer. There is no indication that there was a motorcycle side to this business.


Lewis (Adelaide)

Lewis (VIC)

Based in Williamstown, and later in Melbourne, they are listed as a manufacturer from 1909 until about 1919. The are unrelated to Lewis of Adelaide.

Liberty by Acme of Melbourne, 1904~1916


Manufactured by J. L. Lob & Son, 129 Rundle Street, Adelaide using Minerva engines and BSA rolling chassis, 1904 to c.1907.

A BARGAIN for advertisement.—For Sale, one of our own made and well-tested and proved new B.S.A. MOTOR BICYCLES, with 2¾ h.p. MINERVA Engine, with all latest improvements. MOTORS AND MOTOR CARS repaired promptly by well experienced men. J. L. Lob

The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA) Sat 2 Jun 1906

Source: Trove NLA


Racing motorcycles built in Queenlsand 1906-1908, possibly other years, using 2 ¾ h.p. and 3½ h.p. engines, quite possibly Minerva.

The following records exist:

1906 - H. Henderson, Local, 3½ h.p. - J Campbell, Local, 2 ¾ h.p.
1908 - J. Campbell, 2¾ horsepower, Local - J. Bauman, 2¾ h.p., Local
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