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Robert Lathey of East Devonport, Tasmania (1913-16)

Built motorcycles using Precision and Villiers engines.



Robert Lathey, a cycle machinist, was coming down Moriarty Hill, when his motor-cycle skidded, throwing him violently and breaking his leg. He lay there for some time before another cycle agent came along. He was then placed in a baker's cart, and brought to his home at East Devonport, where Dr. Addison set the limb.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Wed 12 Jul 1911

Sources: Trove NLA, Simon Fleming.


The Laver motorcycle was built in Port Pirie, South Australia around 1906 using a Minerva engine and BSA chassis components.

Source: Simon Fleming

Leitch c.1911-13 (Vic.)


Lewis (Adelaide)

Lewis (VIC)

Based in Williamstown, and later in Melbourne, they are listed as a manufacturer from 1909 until about 1919. The are unrelated to Lewis of Adelaide.

Liberty by Acme of Melbourne, 1904~1916


Limb motorcycles were built in Adelaide, South Australia, from around 1906 to 1914. The 1906 model is believed to have been fitted with a Fafnir engine using Chater Lea chassis components.

See also Pirie

Source: Simon Fleming.


Manufactured by J. L. Lob & Son, 129 Rundle Street, Adelaide using Minerva engines and BSA rolling chassis, 1904 to c.1907.

A BARGAIN for advertisement.—For Sale, one of our own made and well-tested and proved new B.S.A. MOTOR BICYCLES, with 2¾ h.p. MINERVA Engine, with all latest improvements. MOTORS AND MOTOR CARS repaired promptly by well experienced men. J. L. Lob

The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA) Sat 2 Jun 1906

Source: Trove NLA


Racing motorcycles built in Queenlsand 1906-1908, possibly other years, using 2 ¾ h.p. and 3½ h.p. engines, quite possibly Minerva.

The following records exist:

1906 - H. Henderson, Local, 3½ h.p. - J Campbell, Local, 2 ¾ h.p.
1908 - J. Campbell, 2¾ horsepower, Local - J. Bauman, 2¾ h.p., Local
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The Lyall motorcycle is thought to have been built in Tasmania around 1925 using the Coventry-Victor engine.

Sources: Simon Fleming

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