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Lennox Motorcycles

Manufactured by Bob King of Lennox Engineering Works at 180 Lennox Street, Richmond, Victoria, from 1913 to 1916.

About a dozen Lennox motorcycles were produced, most of which had engines built by King. Two were apparently each fitted with a twin-cylinder engine from another source.

Frames were Chater Lea supplied by J.E. Tilley, as were many other components including the engine cylinders.

The engine used in the Lennox was developed by 'Robbie' Robertson, a J.E. Tilley employee working on the engine of John Duigan's aeroplane, who fitted one of the aero-engine steel cylinders to a new single-cylinder crankcase.
Source: "A Flying Life: John Duigan and the First Australian Aeroplane" by David Crotty.

New Engineering Works.

Mr. Robert W. King, son of Mr Herbert King, has commenced in business as motor and mechanical engineer at 180 Lennox-street, where a special engineering shop has been erected. Mr. R. King, on completing his indentures with a leading city firm, was highly eulogised, and he has proved his abilities on important works. Patrons of the new works are assured that their wants will be thoroughly satisfied. Special attention will be devoted to the reboring of cylinders and the fitting of pistons.

Richmond Guardian (Vic.) Sat 8 Feb 1913 (Trove)

Advertisements appeared in 1913 and 1914.

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