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Leitch Motorcycles

Manufactured by Leitch & Co., Gray St, Hamilton, Victoria.
June 1904, Leitch Motors Built to Order. Ernest Leitch & Co. 385 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
March 1912, advertised Leitch motorcycles, £65.
1913 advertised Rudge, Thor, E.W.B. (Melbourne-built), JAP, King Dick, FN, Douglas - but no mention of a Leitch motorcycle.
1914 & 1916 they advertised Indian. 1917 they advertised Leitch Cycles and Indian motorcycles.
A 1912 Grandex rebadged as Leitch was offered for sale in Belgium by in 2021.

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REPAIRS Executed Promptly and at Right Prices. TENNIS RAQUETS restrung Neatly.
Only the Best Material and Repairs - Our Workshop is the best, and repairs entrusted to us will be executed promptly in a first class style. We repair in a style second to none. Only best material used.
E. LEITCH & CO. Prop. Ltd, Gray St , Hamillton,
N. M'DONALD, Manager. D. D. RILEY, Travelling Representative.
Telephone No. 144.

Trove NLA: Hamilton Spectator Tue 21 Sep 1909

1. Hamilton had Leitch Pictures (cinema) in those days, possibly related.
2. In 1918 and 1924 there was a Sandford, Leitch Motors in Exhibition St, Melbourne, a car dealer. There is no indication that there was a motorcycle side to this business.

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