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Australian Motorcycles (P)


Manufactured E. B. Pappin, at Kensington Cycle Works, Bridge Street, Kensington S.A.

The firm was in business from at least 1902, and motorcycles fitted with JAP V-twins are known to have been built in 1914 and 1915.


Pappin JAP 1915 Motorcycle Radloff SA TAVCCA Index

16866. - H. R. Gilmour, Torrens road, Brompton, 6 (h.p.) Pappin J.A.P.
Registered SA June 1920 (possibly a re-registration) (Trove)

Sources: Trove NLA, et al

Pirie 1903-1914 (S.A.)


Planet S.A. c.1915


Tandem Pacer built in Sydney, 1901

Source: Trove NLA

Platt-Betts' smart little five and a half horse-power motor tandem, behind which he will shortly be doing some speedy work, is said to have a speed capacity of a mile a minute if desired. Since November last the genial little annexer of records has been busily engaged upon the construction of this tandem, which, says the 'Cyclist,' does him great credit as a cycle engineer.

Referee (Sydney, NSW) Wed 19 Jun 1901

Manufactured by FB Puckridge Co., Port Lincoln, South Australia
Produced motorcycles powered by Minerva engines from 1905 to 1910.
Sources: OTTW, Trove NLA.


Minerva Engine and best of everything.
Tried and Tested.
Full particulars on application,
Tyres, Accessories and Repairs at Lowest
Prices, for nett cash only.
Golf, Cricket, Football, and Tennis Ware at Adelaide Prices.
F. B. Puckridge,
Port Lincoln Trove NLA: Port Lincoln, Tumby and West Coast Recorder. Fri 16 Jun 1905

Prince (NSW)

Manufactured by The Prince Cycle & Motor Works, West Maitland, NSW.

Built from 1903 to at least 1904 using Minerva, Clement-Garrard and Sarolea engines.

Source: Trove NLA


Built on the premises, and fitted with the world- famed "CLEMENT GARARD" ENGINE, and all the LATEST and MOST UP-TO-DATE FITTINGS, and GUARANTEED, PRICE, £60.
Fitted with the "SAROLET" ENGINE, PRICE, £57 10s.
Or fitted with the 'MINERVA' ENGINE, PRICE, £55.
NOTE. — The CLEMENT-GARRARD ENGINE holds ALL THE WORLD'S RECORDS in England, France, and Germany, and is strongly recommended by Motorists throughout the WORLD.
The LATEST SUCCESS of the CLEMENT GARRARD MOTOR was against ALL-COMERS at Pheonix Park, Dublin, scoring a triumphant victory.
The Prince Cycle & Motor Works
West Maitland.

Trove NLA: The Maitland Daily Mercury, Sat 19 Sep 1903


Terry Prince built exotic specials in Sydney under the Prince banner, having previously worked with Fritz Egli. In 1996 he partnered with Ron Slender to form RTV, which continued to build specials powered by Vincent engines. In 2012 he began working with Fritz Egli Jnr on another development.

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