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Prince Motorcycles, 1903

Prince (NSW)

Manufactured by The Prince Cycle & Motor Works, West Maitland, NSW.

Built from 1903 to at least 1904 using Minerva, Clement-Garrard and Sarolea engines.

Source: Trove NLA


Built on the premises, and fitted with the world- famed "CLEMENT GARARD" ENGINE, and all the LATEST and MOST UP-TO-DATE FITTINGS, and GUARANTEED, PRICE, £60.
Fitted with the "SAROLET" ENGINE, PRICE, £57 10s.
Or fitted with the 'MINERVA' ENGINE, PRICE, £55.
NOTE. — The CLEMENT-GARRARD ENGINE holds ALL THE WORLD'S RECORDS in England, France, and Germany, and is strongly recommended by Motorists throughout the WORLD.
The LATEST SUCCESS of the CLEMENT GARRARD MOTOR was against ALL-COMERS at Pheonix Park, Dublin, scoring a triumphant victory.
The Prince Cycle & Motor Works
West Maitland.

Trove NLA: The Maitland Daily Mercury, Sat 19 Sep 1903

N.B. Many years later, Maitland entered the history books as home to the sport of speedway.

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