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Wagener of Adelaide

Walker Bullpup

Built in 1927 using a 980cc V-Twin, it appears to be a one-off and does not appear in Saward. The machine, reg# OT891, is discussed in an article in The Classic Motorcycle of March 2021.




Built in Victoria 1912 to 1915 using JAP SV V-twins.

Sources: OTTW, Simon Fleming.

Watson (Adelaide)

Believed to have been built in Unley, Adelaide, around 1905.

"Claud Kerrison has just arrived in Adelaide after doing a thousand miles tour around the Peninsular and North country on his Watson motor cycle." Quiz (Adelaide, SA) Fri 3 Nov 1905

Source: Trove NLA
Other marques with this name: Disambiguation

Watson (Sydney)

A motorcycle of this brand is listed as being built in Sydney prior to WWI.

The Sun newspaper of 25th March 1913 writes: "A little time ago Mr. Daft took over Mr. Frank Watson's cycle works at Burwood." lists:
Watson, R., Sydney Road, Granville, 1910
Watson, George R., 88 South Street, Granville, 1911-1932

Sources: Simon Fleming, Trove NLA

West 1920 (W.A)


Albert Whalley of North Brunswick, Melbourne, is listed as having constructed motorcycles with Fafnir engines in 1911-1912.

Albert James Whalley was fined ten shillings for speeding on his motor cycle along Sydney Road, Brunswick, in 1910. Other than this the press was silent on his exploits.

Sources: Simon Fleming, Trove NLA


Manufactured by Topic Cycle Works, Melbourne c.1903~1904

Scientific Australian stated that all parts were locally made.

Sources: OTTW, Simon Fleming.


Saward lists Walter Whitbourn Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne as producing two motorcycles of 2¾ h.p. in 1910. These are not mentioned in the newspapers of the day.

The agents, Walter Whitbourn Pty. Ltd., 58 a'Beckett-street, have only been able to land a small shipment, consisting of complete cars and chassis. Intending purchasers should take an early opportunity of inspecting, as it is very problematical how long the few cars at present in stock will remain unsold...

Graphic of Australia (Melbourne, Vic.) Fri 7 Jun 1918

Walter Whitbourn Pty. Ltd.
Phone 8081. 58 A'BECKETT STREET, Oakland Cars

The Herald (Melbourne, Vic) Mon 31 Jul 1916

Whitbourn advertised Paige cars in 1919

Sources: Simon Fleming; Trove NLA


Built in Tasmania in the 1920s, believed to be a bicycle with a motorwheel attachment.

Sources: OTTW, Simon Fleming.

Wimmera 1914-1915 (Vic.)


A. W. Johnson of 6 Chapel Street Windsor, Melbourne, is listed as a motorcycle manufacturer in 1912-1913 using British and Continental engines. The only advertisement in Victorian newspapers of the era which has surfaced mentions bicycles, but not motorcycles.

Windsor, built to order, . from £7 10/; small deposit, 3/6 weekly; satisfaction guaranteed.
A. W. Johnson, 6 Chapel-st., Windsor.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 29 Jun 1912

Source: Trove NLA


Manufactured by Alexander Johnson, 171 St. George's Road, North Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1909 and 1910.

171 St. George's Road, NORTH FITZROY.
Builder of the "WINTON" Cycles and Motors.
Motor Car Tyres Supplied and Repaired.
Gas & Oil Engines repaired. Sundries Stocked.

Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic.) Thu 4 Aug 1910

Similar advertisements appeared from Oct 1909 to Oct 1910. There are no other mentions of the marque other than the well-known American machines built by Alexander Winton.

Source: Trove NLA

N.B. Perhaps there is a relationship between the Winton by Alexander Johnson of 1909-1910 and the Windsor of A.W. Johnson of 1911, built just a few miles apart.

Wizard 1914

Wood & Co 1901-03 (NZ)


Manufactured by B. B. Woolston, Eudunda in 1905 using Minerva and Brown engines.


Cycle and Motor Building Establishment,
Cycles built to Order from £7 10s
Best Motors only Built to Order. Brown or Minerva. Prices from £45 to £60,

A Real First-class Minerva Motor, B.3.A. parts, 3 1/2 hp-, for sale at £50, only just tested. This a bargain. Trial given.

A FIRST-CLASS EDISON CONCERT PHONOGRAPH, 5-inch cylinder and 14 records, for sale at £12 10s. Bargain. Cost £40. Write for particulars.


Kapunda Herald (SA ) Fri 26 May 1905

There was also an F. W. Woolston of Jamestown (about 100 miles away) who had S.A. registration numbers 121 and 122 in 1907. In 1911 he had #1573, with a De Dion Bouton engine.

Source: Trove NLA

Wyatt S.A.

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