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Wizard Motorcycles South Australia

Indications are that this was built in Kadina in 1914 or slightly earlier. Middlebrook's of nearby Wallaroo appear frequently in the press in those years but do not advertise that they build motorcycles.

Kadina Motor Garage of Digby Street sold Humber motorcycles in 1910.

P. L. Annear's Motor and Cycle Works of Wallaroo advertised Rudge and Douglas in 1915, and also that year there was an Empire Cycle store in Hallett St.

Vivian Lewis had a branch in Kadina from 1910 into the 1920s.

SA Registrations 1918
12272. L J. McLean. Wallaroo. 2½ Wizard.
12724. A. E. Addicoat., 8 Jaffrey Street, Parkside 2½ Wizard

FOR SALE, Cheap — Four 2 Stroke MotorCycles. James, Hockley, Radco, Wizard. Apply - MIDDLEBROOK'S Motor Garage, Wallaroo.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA) Sat 29 Dec 1917
(Wallaroo is 9km west of Kadina. Hockley is another Australian brand.)

Two or three business places changed hands last week, the principal one being Mr H. A. Middlebrook'a motor garage to Mr O. Palmer. Mr Middlebrook conducted a large business in Owen Terrace, and was highly respected as a townsman and business man. He and his family are removing to Adelaide.

Eyre's Peninsula Tribune (Cowell, SA) Fri 31 May 1918

Source: Trove NLA

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