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Waratah Motorcycles

Marketed by P & R Williams Pty. Ltd., 1914 to 1951
74-78 Wentworth Ave., Sydney.
318 Hunter St. West. Newcastle. (1951)

1928 advertisements claimed "10½ miles for one penny - the world's most economical means of Transportation."

Their 1948 model was almost identical to the British Excelsior Universal motorcycle of 1936, and was powered by a Villiers 125cc engine. At the time it was claimed to be one of the very few machines to be made in Sydney. The Waratah was the longest running of all motorcycle brands made in Australia.

Some early models used Sun frame and fittings from the UK and looked very similar - it is possible that they were in fact rebadged Sun motorcycles.


1932 Models Arrive.

THE British Motor Cycle Company has received a batch of the new 1932 model Waratah motor cycles.

These machines are totally redesigned, having visible top rail, tapering away under the saddle, and giving an exceptionally low riding position, and gaining very high ground clearance

An interesting feature is the enclosed webbing of the front forks, making them exceptionally strong and practically unbreakable.

The machine, which is quite an attractive lightweight, is fitted with electric light, battery, and dimmer, soft top saddle, and balloon tyres. The engine is a Villiers 147 c.c. two-cycle type, giving remarkable brake horsepower. Petrol consumption is estimated at approximately 150 miles to the gallon The machine is quite suitable for Queensland road conditions.

All persons interested should not fail to inspect this impressive English lightweight machine, which is now on display at the showrooms of the British Motor Cycle Co., 205 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

Trove NLA Brisbane Courier Dec 3, 1931

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