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Bullock Motorcycles

Manufactured by Bullock Cycle Works, Adelaide, c.1902-1920.

John Bullock built a variety of machines over the years. The earliest were re-branded Werner motorcycles around 1902, and later he sold Healing Precision, Sun-JAP and Abingdon with his name on the tank. It is possible he also fitted machines fitted with Green Precision water-cooled engines.

In 1914 there were two Bullock stores, at 65 Rundle St and 101 Petrie St, which sold Clyno and Zenith machines along with their own Bullock-Precision motorcycles of 3 h.p, 3¾ h.p and 4¼ h.p. In 1917 they advertised Reading Standard 12hp V-twins, with an additional store in Murray St Gawler.

A Fine Cycle.

I was introduced on Tuesday to a beautifully made and powerful motor cycle. The great feature of it is that it is of local manufacture. It is a Bullock J.A.P. of 8 to 10 horse-power, and was built to the order of Mr. F. W. R. Crowe, of Dulwich, Adelaide. Low in the body, the cycle gives an excellent impression of the power it contains in its twin cylinders. It is heavily sprung in forks and saddle, so as to afford the maximum of riding comfort. A distinctive feature is a Jardine four-speed gearbox, with a kick starter. It bas a very sweet cork clutch. Three-inch tires assist the springforks to absorb road shock, and the feel are carried in comfort on long, curved aluminium footboards. The drive is chain-cum-belt covered in from the weather - a fact which not only conduces to smoothness of running, but to the lives of the chain and belt.

This Bullock-J.A.P. has a large mechanical horn with a note calculated to make even a policeman jump. The colouring is a greenish French grey, with nickeled parts. Altogether, she is good to look at.

The Register (Adelaide, SA) Wed 14 Jun 1916 (Trove)

1920 Advertisement: BULLOCK'S "Dalm", 2-stroke Motor Cycle, New shipment just arrived; 80 guineas.. The engines, and possibly the complete machines, were most likely sourced from J.N.Taylor.

Sources: Trove NLA, et al

This page has considerably more information on Bullock company history:

6th July 2022

1917 Bullock with a 269cc V.T.S ( Valveless Two Stroke) engine. Only one known example with the V.T.S engine exists

Dimitri ( member of the VVMCCSA)

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