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In 1916 Mortlock Bros of Queen Street Perth exhibited a Greyhound motorcycle powered by a 2½ h.p. JAP with a 2-speed Albion gearbox. It is likely only one was built.

BSA Agents 1912-1938
Harley-Davidson agents 1919-1929
Excelsior (UK) agents 1929
They also built sidecars.

There was also a Royal Greyhound bicycle built by Gribbles' Motor & Cycle Agency of Cue, W.A. Given that the Greyhound name was well-established in the WA cycling world, it is possible there was a relationship.

Messrs Mortlock Bros exhibited this year for the first time at the Royal Show their display, consisting almost entirely of the well-known B.S.A. motor cycles, for which they are sole agents in this State. The first thing to catch the visitor's eye woe the 4¼ h.p. three speed BS A. and torpedo shaped side car used by Mr. J. W. Evans when he made his side car record of 12 hrs. 8min. from Albany to Perth, and with which be climbed Mt Clarence at Albany in 35 minutes...

The next exhibit was a 2½ h.p. Greyhound 2 speed motor cycle, built by themselves. This machine was fitted with a J.A.P. engine and an Albion 2 speed gear box, and finished in a style which compared very favourably with the machines imported. But owing to the difficulty in getting parts Messrs. Mortlock Bros. say they will not build any more whilst the war is on.

Western Mail (Perth, WA) Fri 27 Oct 1916

Source: Trove NLA



Manufactured by George Growden of Port Pirie from 1904 to 1907 using Minerva engines. Around ten machines were built. Following the sale of his business in 1908 he moved to Hawker.

Port Pirie, March 10.
A copy of to-day's Advertiser was left with the local correspondent at 12 35 p.m., by Mr. G. Growden, cycle maker, of Port Pirie, who left North-terrace (Adelaide) at 6 a.m. on a motor-cycle, travelling via Gawler, Clare, and Koolunga. He arrived at the Port Pirie Post office at 12.34 p.m. The trip from the city was done a fortnight ago by Mr. C. Kerrison, of Adelaide, by motor cycle, in ten hours.

Chronicle (Adelaide) Sat 18 Mar 1905 (Growden's machine had a 2¾ h.p. Minerva engine. Time taken was 10 hours, a record which was widely reported. A week earlier he had set another record, Adelaide to Port Pirie via Gladstone, in just over 7 hours including the time taken to repair a puncture.)

March 10, 1905... Shortly afterward Mr. Growden introduced to Pirie a motor cycle sidecar outfit, and was the first to maintain a motor car for hire locally.

Recorder (Port Pirie, SA) Mon 19 Mar 1945

The following is a list of local businesses sold during the last few days... Growden's cycle and motor works to Mr W. E. N. Laver

Port Pirie Recorder and North Western Mail (SA) Wed 10 Jun 1908

Sources: Trove NLA, newsletter June 2016.

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