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Guard Motorcycles

Manufactured 1906-07 by Gard Bros. Motor and Cycle Works

21 and 23 Gouger Street Adelaide and 45 O'Connell Street North Adelaide.

Advertisements for 1908 spoke of Guard Cycles and Rex Motor Cycles - there was no further mention of the Guard motor cycle after 1907.

John and Alf Gard entered the trade in 1904, and in 1906 were agents for Rex motorcycles. They later became agents for Douglas, and also for Blumfield, TDC, Connaught, Yale and Triumph motorcycles. They became agents for Invincible-JAP in 1923.

In 1929 John's son Harold became sole proprietor, and JAP, James, New Hudson and HRD agencies were also secured.

S.A. Registrations
"7818. A. N. Grigg, South Hummocks, 3½ Guard." Feb 1916. (This could have been a re-registration or a transfer.)

The firm have on view a large and costly stock of motor cycles and bicycles of almost every known description and make. Messrs. Gard brothers, who are the local agents for the popular Rex motor cycles, have exhibited a commendable spirit of commercial enterprise in purchasing the ground and erecting the substantial premises under notice. The industry conducted by the firm provides permanent employment for a large staff of artisans.

The Register (Adelaide, SA) Sat 23 Dec 1905

21 and 23, GOUGER-STREET, and 45 O'CONNELL STREET, N.A. Telephone 659.
REX MOTOR CYCLES, 3 1/4-H.P., £42 30/.
GUARD MOTOR CYCLES, built or order.
GUARD BICYCLES, from £8 8/ (fully guaranteed)
All Motor and Cycle Repairs and Accessories
First-class Storage for Cars.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) Mon 2 Apr 1906

...the name of Gard Brothers, motor and cycle works, of Adelaide and North Adelaide, has earned an enviable reputation. They have one of the most up-to-date factories and showrooms in Australia. and they carry a large stock of every machine to meet the demand of cyclists and motorists...

The firm are sole agents for the Rex Motor, Company, of Coventry, England...

In the factory are the latest methods, machinery, and tools are employed in producing the famous Guard bicycles, and these can be seen in every stage of construction, from the rough forcing or stamping to the finished and beautifully-enameled machine ready for the road...

Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA) Mon 20 May 1907

Gard Bros do a large business with their popular "Guard" motor cycles, for which catalogues and price lists are sent on application. They are built to order to customers' requirements The Rex motor, cycle and tri car, for which the firm are agents, is claimed to be the king of British motors.

Quorn Mercury (SA) Tue 18 Dec 1906

Sources: State Library SA, Trove NLA.

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