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Australian Motorcycles (H)

Hall 1905-1906 (Sydney)

Hallam - Tazewell and Hallam, 1898-1912


Havelock by Bilyard of Hobart.


Hercules 1908~1927 (Melbourne)

Hockley 1914-1916


A number of motorcycles were built using Howard rotary hoe engines housed in AMC frames in the late 1970s and early 80s. Simon Fleming credits Shane Phelps with this information.

Source: Simon Fleming.

Hunter Piccaninny 1950s


Originally from NSW, in 2014 Hunter Motorcycles was purchased by Hunter distributor Ben Namnik and moved to Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia. The firm sells learner-legal machines with custom styling along with larger custom tourers.

Models listed: Spyder 350cc; Bobber 350cc; Cruiser 250 & 350cc; Cafe Racer 350cc; Daytona 350cc; Sniper TT350X.

Sources: Wikipedia, et al

Hunwick-Hallam/Harrop 1997~ (NSW)

Rarer Australian Marques