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Hallam Motorcycles

Tazewell and Hallam began trading in 1898.

A 1903 report on the Hobart show stated that they had the "most handsome and up-to-date cycles and motors that money can procure... all manufactured at the noted T. and H. cycle and tyre factory, Hobart." There is no further mention of motor cycles related to the Tasmanian firm in the newspapers.

Tazewell left in 1905 and the company became The Hallam Cycle & Motor Co of 65 Liverpool Street, Hobart. They advertised the T.F.H. bicycle in 1907 - T.F.H. is for Tom F. Hallam, champion road cyclist.

In 1907 the firm changed hands, purchased by Mr. Peter Grant, and from then they used only the Hallam name for their cycles.

There are numerous advertisments and articles referring to Hallam in the Tasmanian press from 1905 to 1911, but the only one which mentions motors (other than in the company name) quite specifically states that the firm does not deal in motors. However, that may also imply that they previously did build motorcycles - see below under "1909".

The firm closed in May or June of 1912.

This was, however, far from the end of the Hallam story. Thomas F. Hallam was the grandfather of Frank Hallam, designer of the F1 Repco engines which propelled Jack Brabham to Grand Prix world championships 1966-1968, and great-grandfather of Paul Hallam, co-founder of the Hunwick Hallam concern.


Messrs Tazewell and Hallam, tyre and cycle manafacturers, Liverpool street claim to have the most complete factory and plant for the manufacture of cycles and tyres in the state, and are constantly importing from the English and American markets the latest in all kinds of sundries and fittings. Established in 1898, each year has shown an increase in business, until to-day Messrs T. and H. do by far the largest trade in the state. The well-known cycles and tyres manufactured by them under the name of Tazewell and Hallam are known throughout Tasmania as the best to be obtained, and in finish and wear will be found equal to any imported machine. In sundries and fittings, large stocks are maintained, which enables cyclists to obtain parts without delay, Messrs. T. and H. also hold the agency for Rovers, Raleighs and Rambler cycles...

Tasmanian News (Hobart) Mon 23 Dec 1901


Tazewell and Hallam have without doubt this year eclipsed all previous cycle exhibitions. They have the most handsome and up-to-date cycles and motors that money can procure; also the largest and the smallest bicycle on exhibition ever shown in Tasmania, all manufactured at the noted T. and H. cycle and tyre factory, Hobart...

The Mercury (Hobart) Thu 22 Oct 1903


The S. T. A. and P. Society's Show.
Tazewell and Hallam, collection cycles, tyres, motor cycles, etc, etc.

Tasmanian News (Hobart) Thu 22 Oct 1903
(The Hobart Show report for 1902 did not mention motor cycles)


P. GRANT, Proprietor...
NOTE. Mr. T. F. HALLAM is in no way connected with the above business.

The Mercury (Hobart) Sat 6 Jun 1908


...The Hallam Cycle Agency does not cater for the motor trade, although parts are kept. Mr. Grant believes that if complete efficiency is desired the cycle and motor trade must be separate, and for this reason he has confined his attention to the making and repairing of bicycles alone...

Daily Post (Hobart) Sat 21 Aug 1909


HALLAM'S CYCLE SALE Reliable Tyres 7s Gd, Tubes 4s 3d, guaranteed Dunlops 17s Gd, Oceanic-lis 6d, Quick Repairing Outfits 5d, 1000 C.P. Carbide, 2 tins lid: Easv running Oil 5a ; 10,000. mile Cycles, from £3 10s.
We pay freight any where. Cash with order. Send for Accessory Price List (free).
Hallam's the Cycle Experts, 83 Liverpool St, Phone 747.
We Buy, Sell or Repair any make of cycle.

Huon Times (Franklin, Tas.) Wed 1 Sep 1915


HALLAM'S make large allowances in part payment for New Cycles
HALLAM'S for Low-price Cycle Repairs and Sundries 83 Liverpool street

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Mon 12 Apr 1915

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