Australian & NZ Motorcycles

Australian Motorcycles (I)

Illawarra 1903-1905 (N.S.W.)

Invincible-JAP 1922~1928

Built by J. W. Empson of North Sydney, 1911-1914
Empson appears in numerous competition results for the period: French's Forest Hill Climb Nov 1913; 24 Hours Motor Cycle Reliability Trial, Sydney, Nov 1913 (equal first); Blue Mountains trial, Feb 1913; Bobbin Head Hill Climb, May 1914, (first place); Red Cross Hill Climb, Coogee, 8th August 1914.

Frank Delandro rode Iris motorcycles in several Sydney events. He managed J.W. Epsom's Cycle Works in Falcon St North Sydney until 1912 when he left to begin his own business, becoming a Douglas dealer.

E. Meller is mentioned in many racing results, including: Jun 1913, E. Meller (3½ Iris Precision); E. Meller (5/6-h.p. Iris Jap) June 1913; Jan 1913 E. Meller (6 hp Iris).
Sources: Trove NLA,, et al
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Howard Burrows comments on the image above: "I can identify this "IRIS" as a Chater Lea with JAP motor...probably assembled in Sydney."