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EWB Motorcycles

Manufactured at 203 Swanston Street, Melbourne by Edward Walker Brown, 1910-1918.
They used Chater-Lea and later Sun frames fitted with a variety of engines from NSU, FN, Fafnir, Sarolea and JAP. Forks were from Druid, Saxon and Truffault.
A 1912 Sarolea engine has been found with EWB cast into the crankcase.
A 1914 machine appears often in vintage motorcycle rallies and has won many awards.
In 1918 the firm was sold to the Carbine company, which later merged with Turner Brothers of Melbourne.

Newspaper Reports:

"...a remarkably fast run was accomplished by A. E. Cox, who, mounted on a 3½ h.p. E.W.B. machine, covered a mile in 61 sec. - very nearly at the rate of 60 miles and hour." ~ Aug 1910.

"H. A. Tilburn (3½ h.p. E.W.B.), 10 min., riding time 1 h. 12 min. 15 sec." ~ Oct 1910
"50-MILE ROAD RACE... R. Croa, 12 min., 3½ h.p. E.W.B." ~ Oct 1911

"Mr. R. Dowell, the local representative of Mr. E. W. Brown, of Melbourne, is exhibiting single and twin cylinders E.W.B. motor cycles, and also Rudge, Humber and King Dick motor cycles." Oct 1913

The firm sponsored the E.W.B. Cup - "Every year the name of the winning motor cyclist will be engraved on the cup, and a gold medal presented to him." ~ Feb 1915. The race was also held in 1916.

The EWB company still exists, trading as Brownbuilt. Many are the motorcycle spare parts departments in Australia with aisles of Brownbuilt shelving.
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