European Motorcycles

Motorcycle Historians and Researchers

Howard Burrows
Howard has considerable expertise in the field and has collaborated on many projects with like-minded enthusiasts. He has digitised a wealth of information and made it available to fellow enthusiasts and researchers.
Howard Burrows

I hesitate to mention Pete Young as if you visit his site you may think you've followed Alice down the rabbit hole. Honorable mention. (1)

Sergio Scalerandi
Sergio, who hails from Argentina, has contributed numerous articles on rare and interesting machines. He tends to react with some embarrassment if referred to as an historian, so let's just say he's an ardent and thorough multilingual researcher.
Sergio Scalerandi

Murray Barnard has developed one of the most venerable motorcycle sites on the internet, which includes a detailed listing of veteran Russian and almost all known Australian marques.

Hartmut Schouwer
Contributed many articles on NSU and other marques written mostly in the 1990s.
Hartmut Schouwer

Hannes Denzel
Prolific photographer and author of several books on Austrian motorcycles

Denis Quinlan, aka Velobanjogent, a very knowledgeable contributor from Australia.
Denis Quinlan

Eric Tindal, marque specialist from the VMCC supplied information on the Moto Reve and other machines.

Isabelle Bracquemond, secretary of the Indian Motorcycle Club, France, supplied many historical photographs sourced from the BNF. She is an admin of Motorcycles 1867-1930.
Isabelle Bracquemond

Carrer Aldo, afficionado. and very knowledgable in many fields, Italy. Supplied many historical photographs and specific information on rare marques. Administrator of FB group 1867-1930 Motorcycles.
Motorcycles 1867-1930

Labros Skartis
Author of papers and articles on Greek history.
Labros Skartis

Pal Negyesi
Journalist and Hungarian marque specialist.
Pal Negyesi

Libor Marčík
Author of a comprehensive book on Czech marques and a serious enthusiast. His site includes sections on Motorcycles 1897-1918, F.N. and Laurin & Klement.

Nick Smith
Very active in the forums, his memory for detail and depth of knowledge of the subject is often breathtaking. Nick has been enormously helpful to many in need of information on British motorcycle history.
Visit the FB page Motorcycles 1867-1930

Phil Aynsley has photographically documented a vast number of motorcycles in museums and collections around the world. A walking encyclopedia of the Italian diaspora, his image descriptions are collated from owners and curators.
Phil Aynsley

Andrew Aborygeniusz
Whilst not actually a motorcycle researcher, Andrew (Melbourne, Australia) has supplied many rare and interesting images, in particular from Eastern Bloc countries. His specialty is photographic art and he has compiled galleries consisting of tens of thousands of high quality images.
Andrew Aborygeniusz

Many more historians and marque specialists not specifically mentioned here are referenced in the bibliography and also on the pages devoted to museums and collections.

1. Intended as humour, but sometimes it fails to translate. No disrespect intended, quite the opposite.