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Magnet Motorcycles

Edgar Tozer began building bicycles under the Magnet brand around 1896.

Albion-Magnet Cycle & Motor Works of Melbourne was established in 1902 by Moloney and Tozer. The firm built motorcycles, motor launches, omnibuses and automobiles. Many of their motorcycles were powered by Automoto engines.

The business was offered for sale in May 1904 with a value of some £1500.

Edgar Tozer reappeared in short order trading as Magnet Motor Works, situated at 37A Bourke Street, at the rear of the Grand Hotel.



At the invitation of Mr Edgar Tozer we were afforded the opportunity of inspecting his premises, situated at 369 Lygon street, Carlton, and carried on as a cycle manufactory and agency. Although not long established. Mr Tozer has gained, through the merit of his work, an enviable reputation, which has secured for him a very large connection, both in the town and in the country!

The "Magnet," a cycle constructed on the premises, is a highly finished, strong, faithfully built, up to date machine, and can be made to any weight or height of frame desired. The construction of the Magnet" is specially supervised by the proprietor.

Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 29 Aug 1896


ALBION-MAGNET Motor and Cycle Co.. 30 Bourke-st.- Motor Cycles. £37 10/; light Cars, £150; Buses and Delivery Waggons, from £ 500.
ALBION-MAGNET - Just landed - Coil, Accumulators, Wires, Plug. Petrol Turn, Tank Lugs, Porcelain. Our prices are right.
ALBION-MAGNET - Genuine bargain, 2-horse B.S.A. Minerva Motor, best offer over £35 takes It. Don't miss this.
ALBION-Mngnet for Motor Repairs. Our Motor Garage is fully equipped, and we have the experience,

The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 6 Feb 1904


MAGNET Motor Co.— Engines, 3 and 4 h.p., just landed, overstocked, must sell; also 3½ Motor Cycle ; don't miss these.
MAGNET Motors stock, the best double sewn V Belts, Plugs, 1/3; Wire, 6d. yd.; S.H.. Motor Cycle, £15, 20 Nichoias-l., off Bourke-st.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 27 Oct 1906

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