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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Michael Krauser, Motorradtechnik und Touren GmbH, Mering

Krauser built cafe racer-styled motorcycles powered by tuned BMW air-cooled twins fitted with his own four-valve heads, the best-known of which was the MKM 1000. The cylinder heads were also sold as kits for conversions of standard engines, and became the doyen of the luggage components available at the time, his panniers being second to none.

The firm also produced Domani racing sidecars which were very successful, and Krauser Racing Team rider Toni Mang became 250cc world champion in 1980. Later in the 80s they campaigned successfully with LCR-framed machines in the 80cc class.

The Krauser continued with LCR who produced the Krauser Domani and Dopo Domani. Domani was also built in France under licence by AJF Motoside - these were based on the K1100 16 valve BMW fours and were sold in Europe and Japan.

The machines were further developed and sported K1200RS engines of 130 horsepower (150 hp if tweaked) housed in a very sophisticated chassis with hub-centre steering and futuristic bodywork. The sidecar wheel is driven, and some models have reverse gear.

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Could you please let me know the web address of Fa. Krauser in Mering , Schwaben Ersatzteile bestellung Thank you very much.
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